About SILability

What SILability can do

SILability is a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) verification tool from xSeriCon. SILability performs calculations to derive parameters needed for successful SIL verification of a specific safety function, in compliance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.

The calculated parameters include:

  • • PFDavg (average probability of failure on demand) or PFH (probability of failure per hour) for the function as a whole
  • • Maximum SIL achieved based on PFDavg/PFH
  • • Maximum SIL achieved based on architectural constraints
  • • Safe failure fraction
  • • PFDavg/PFH contribution of each individual component and subsystem

SILability effortlessly handles redundant architectures and complex subsystem structures with virtually no limits on the number of components included per SIF. Results are displayed instantly on-screen, and can be exported to an attractive spreadsheet layout for easy transfer to your final report.

SILability runs on Windows (7 or later) and MacOS (Mavericks or later).

Who is xSeriCon?

We’re a small dynamic team of safety specialists and risk consultants based in Hong Kong.

With over 15 years of industry experience, xSeriCon’s team provides consulting and training services around the globe. xSeriCon specialises in functional safety, alarm management, process hazards analysis and process safety management.

Leveraging our wide experience in the industry, xSeriCon's aim is to provide practical, efficient excellence in safety consulting and training services relating to international standards including IEC 61508, 61511, 61882 and 62682.

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