SILability Features

SILability was designed by functional safety experts with many years of experience of performing large, complex SIL verifications. Designed to make it easy to perform large SIL verification projects with the minimum of effort, SILability offers a wealth of convenient features not commonly found in competing products. Click on the images below to enlarge.

SIF list export


A nicely formatted list of SIFs can now be exported to Excel, ready to paste into a SIL verification report.

Instantly generates Excel report


Produces a comprehensive and attractive report as an .xlsx file, pre-formatted to paste directly into your SIL verification report. No post-editing is required.

Comments fields everywhere


Every input parameter and setting can take associated comments, which show clearly in the report.

Choose units of measure


Supports multiple units of measure effortlessly, even within a single project. Failure rates in FIT? Proof test interval in months? No problem.

Powerful data check function


One click runs a battery of checks on your input data, looking for inconsistencies, unexpected values, and abnormal settings. This helps minimise the chances of input errors.

Comprehensive software support


SILability has an extensive user guide and accessible customer support.

And that’s not all...

SILability boasts even more functions to help you work quickly and accurately: